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He Still Speaks Peace


Are you anxious in the midst of life's
problems As you wake up each new day?
Do you worry about the past or future,
Or ponder the problems that might come
your way?

There is no reason to fear or falter We
have One who knows and understands,
He is there even in the midnight hour,
He calms the storm and will hold
your hand.

He still speaks peace to the troubled
waters They will not overtake your
soul, Jesus is the Good Shepherd who
cares for His sheep, He will lead and
guide you, in the safety of His fold.


Worry not about the past or tomorrow
as our Lord is in control, He will be
there with you every moment of the
day, He speaks peace, with the greatest
love, we could ever know, The Lord walks
beside us and always hears as we pray.

Rest in the Lord and let Him fight the
battles He knows the beginning from
the end, Great peace, He will bestow,
as onward you go, Look up to the
Savior .....He is your dearest Friend.

Jo Ann Kelly © 2007, 2002.

My Father's Love

My child, I am reaching out in love,
with arms stretched out to thee;
Can't you hear the sound of my voice
pleading," Come, precious one and
cling to me!"

I'll bring to you the quietness of my
peace and tranquility; From all of
the turmoil and strife you are facing,
I will release you and set you free!

My love reaches higher than the
heavens and deeper than the deepest
sea; I will fill the emptiness in your
heart If you will come and draw
close to me.

I long to bring to you contentment and
shelter you from life's tempests and
storms; I will hide you here beneath
my wings and keep you sheltered, safe
and warm!

I will chase away all your fears and
your doubts and wipe the tears from
your eyes; If you should stumble along
the way My hand will be there to help
you rise!

My love, I will gladly pour out upon
you and provide for your comfort and
every need; If you will open your heart
to me, Spend time in my presence and
to my word take heed.

I am your heavenly Father, my child,
I love you and want to claim you for
my own; Your more precious to me
than all of earths treasures And I'll
never forsake you nor leave you alone!

I promise I'll always be there by your
side, I will be your refuge in whom you
can abide. One day you'll look up and
you will see me there in the clouds
beckoning to thee!

~Helen Johnson~


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