Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Dear Friends


Count all of our blessing, if we are not

careful we will  take them for granted"

So why not stop and count

Your blessings today for when you count them You will find that there are

many indeed

Also you will find that counting your blessing is a great way to begin each day as well


Now the above verse reminde me of a

poem that I very much enjoy

It was written by one or my favorite

Christian Poet's So today I would Like to share that poem with you

and it is my hope that you will enjoy

it as well



Your Blessings Are So Many Lord.

Your blessings are so many Lord

To count  them one by one

Would take much longer than a day

That has just now begun'


You fill each day with miracles

From dawn to setting sun

Each night You hear a million prayers

When day's work is done.


You keep this old world spinning

As seasons come and go

And  each one is a masterpiece

That set our heart sglow.


You fill earth with beauty Lord

With flowers shrubs and trees

And we marvel at Your rainbows

And butterflies and bees.


Your words still give us comfort

For Your promises are ture

Your blessings are so many Lord

In everything we do'


By ,Clay Harrison


Did you ever wonder what the Word

'' Selah" meant in various Psalms?

Well it is Not a Hebrew word and most Scholars of the Word believe it was a musical term

meaning a brake in the Music remembring that the Psalms actually

were Ancient Hymns.


Have a Wonderful Sunday

And may Peace of God be with you


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