Monday, October 26, 2009

( Visit My Final Goodbye







~My Final Goodbye~


As I close mine eyes to leave this world

These words I'll gladly say

That in each  blessed  tomorrow comes tears of yesterday...

The heartaches and sorrows are all a part of Life which brings you pain and sorrows are and sometimes earthly strife...

Know  that God is with you in each daily step you make

Just  look beyond earth portals to heaven's open gate...

There's no promis for the Furture

Today is all you have So enjoy the

precious present Smile and be glad...

God came in the midnight when my heart was Frail and Weak...

He took me by the hand and guide each step I take...

And as I look back on the past the goodtime and the bad

I Must say I'm Very Thankful for all the Blessing that I had...

Now Iam going to be With the Master

We had a date to keep

But as I say my last Goodbye my heart within me weep...

I'm  so sorry that I'm leaving but my Journey  here has end

My  Temporary Life's now over and eternity is about to begin

I'll  have no regrets in leaving my time has come to die

But know that I'll be waiting in that sweet by and by

It's okay to be sad There's a time to

Dance and Sing  so now I'll say my

last goodbye and hope you'll understand that death is all a precious part Of the Master's Golden Plan

I hope to see you shortly Im so sorry we had to part.

But each time that you miss me I'll be right there in your heart...

I  can feel my leave me as He Whisper  Come with me..

In the twinkling of an eye I'll reach my home beyond the sea...

Where the joy of God awaits me and no tears shall dim the eye

All my heartaches will be over and I'll  rest there by and by...

Remember to keep the words of God

Safe in your heart...

Do not let the things of life change

your daily walk....

I  Love you my dear

Goodbye and don't you cry

For Im Just going on ahead

Goodbye My Love


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