Friday, October 29, 2010

!-! !-! Bus No. 54 - Funny Joke


Banta was visiting Delhi for the first time. He wanted to see the Palika Bazaar. Unfortunately, he couldn`t find it, so he asked a police officer for directions, "Excuse me, officer, how do I get to the Palika Bazaar?"
The officer replied, "Wait here at this bus stop for the number 54 bus. It`ll take you right there."
Banta thanked the officer and he drives off. Three hours later the police officer returned to the same area and, sure enough, Banta is still waiting at the same bus stop.
The officer got out of his car and said, "Excuse me, but to get to the Palika Bazaar, I said to wait here for the number 54 bus. That was three hours ago. Why are you still waiting?"
Banta replied, "Don`t worry, officer, it won`t be long now. The 45th bus just went by!"

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