Thursday, June 30, 2011

[desitarka] The Wedding Night!

Robert and Julie, a nice young couple, were getting married and planned on living with Julie's mother until they could establish a place of their own. On their wedding night, they went upstairs and were getting ready for bed.
Robert started to get undressed, taking off his shirt first, and he had hair all over his chest. Julie ran downstairs and told her mother.
"Momma!! Momma!! He's got hair all over his chest!"
Her mother replied, "Julie, you go upstairs and make your momma proud."
So she ran upstairs and found Robert taking off his pants. He was extremely hairy all over his legs.
Julie ran down the steps to tell her mother. "Momma, he's got hair all over his legs."
"Julie, you go upstairs and make your Momma proud."
She ran upstairs and found Robert sitting on the bed taking off his socks. Unfortunately, he had lost half of his foot in the war.
Julie took one look, ran downstairs, and said, "Momma, Momma, he's only got a foot and a half!"
At this, Momma yelled, "You stay downstairs. I'm going go upstairs!"

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