Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two small red flowers - Story

What are these flowers doing here?" Anita asked as she was about to sit in the car's passenger seat.

The towel that covered the leather seat had a couple of small red flowers sitting in a crease, the flowers appeared as she straightened out the towel before she sat down.

She always straightened out the towel before sitting down, because Logan sometimes left his glasses, pen, or other items on the passenger seat.

She didn't want to break anything by sitting on it, nor did she want to injure herself by sitting on something sharp.

"What flowers?" Logan asked. "These flowers!" she said sharply, holding the two little flowers up to his nose, he said he didn't know.

He said he thought they had been there for quite a while, no, they hadn't, she told him, as she put them into a tissue and then put the tissue in her purse.

They weren't there two days ago when she had last been in his car, maybe they had been there, but she hadn't seen them, he suggested.

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