Sunday, February 28, 2010

!-! !-! Rewards










I was having a bad time. I was having ever present opposite sex problems.

 I was feeling down and depressed.


Usually at lunch time I would drive somewhere, park and eat or
just pick up something and go back to work.


I stopped for fast food and decided that I would take a drive
but not in my usual direction but the opposite way.

I would take a drive
but not in my usual direction but the opposite way. I was
driving and beating myself up for being nice to people and never
getting it back in return. I had just made the resolve to never
be a nice girl. I would make every one pay. I then heard
something making a noise under my car. I continued to drive but
still the noise was there.


I finally stopped and found that something had fallen off the
bottom of the car. Blaming the day and thinking that I was in
no mood for this, I pulled out my cell phone but the battery was
dead. What next!!! I asked a neighbor to use the phone to call
a colleague from work to collect me as I was only minutes away.
He was not there and did not answer his cell either. I called
another friend who was an hour away. So all I could do was sit and wait.

Barbados is a very hot country, so I put my air conditioner on
and rolled up all the windows and locked the doors. Five
minutes passed and I heard a knock on the door. I looked around
to see a man in the dirtiest of clothes looking in at me.
I thought, "Great, now on top of everything I'm going to be robbed in broad daylight".

For some reason I opened the window. He asked me if he can look
at my car.  He told me to pull off the road. I did because the
woman who gave me the phone call was watching so maybe he
wouldn't try anything. I pulled off the road and this man went
flat on his stomach and under my car. He came out a few minutes
later, told me he was coming back, went to a house and got
something, went back under the car and then came out and told me I could go.

I asked him if it will keep me until I get to a mechanic and he
said I didn't need a mechanic because he fixed it. A screw was
ripped out and he put another one in its place all in five


I shook his hand and thanked him (even though he didn't want to
touch me because he was dirty).


I left there thinking that I would never let anyone "put my
light out." We look for rewards through the persons we are nice
to but very rarely do we get them back. It is complete strangers
who show us kindness. This is what makes this world so


The man was a mechanic and I had pulled up two doors away from
his shop. He didn't have to help me, I did nothing for him. He
may probably never meet me again, but he changed my perspective
on life completely. He made my day have meaning, and I am grateful for that .

As grumpy as I was, God sent me a blessing.

I now know what a MountainWings Moment feels like. Don't stop
being nice. Keep it up. You will reap great rewards.


 by ,~Ganelle from Barbados~

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~Have A Great Monday~



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