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No sister act


Recognise Anisha, Priya or Preeta? You probably won't or at least not until their last names are given. So let's try again: Do you know Anisha Padukone, Priya Rao or Preeta Balan? Yes, we are talking about the younger sisters of famous Bollywood stars Deepika Padukone, Amrita Rao and Vidya Balan, respectively.

Bollywood can not churn out a Kareena Kapoor for every Karisma Kapoor or a Shamita Shetty for every Shilpa Shetty. After all, some siblings don't want to be part of the glamourous and marvelous world that is Tinseltown.

Though these sisters might make it big in their respective field, we may never see them shine on the silver screen.  Here's a list of sisters of the stars, and what they're up to:

Anisha Padukone:
Occupation: Professional golf player

Most young girls would love to have an elder sister like Deepika. Who wouldn't want to follow her footsteps, especially when the red carpet is already laid out in front of you?

But we guess Anisha Padukone in unlike other girls, and why shouldn't she be? After all she is a professional golf player. In fact, Deepika once said in an interview that she envies her sister and that Anisha's talent seems pretty extra-ordinary as compared to her own acting career.

Anisha did receive an offer to star in a Kannada film, but she has her own set of goals that she wants to achieve, which doesn't include acting on the silver screen.


Ahana Deol
Occupation: Professional dancer.

Her ENTIRE family is in the film business - right from her superstar parents to her half-brothers and cousins to, of course, her elder sister. So what makes her different from Esha Deol?

Apparently films don't interest Ahana, and it's partly because everyone around her is doing it. As a matter of fact, Esha's first film Chura Liya Hai Tumne was offered to Ahana. And it was after her rejection that Esha was considered for the role. Talk about NOT eating from the proverbial silver spoon!

Anyway, apart from being an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer, she plans to become a director someday. She is currently assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali Bhansali for his Hrithik Roshan-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer ~~Guzaarish.


Rangoli Ranaut
Occupation: Housewife

Not much was known about Kangana Ranaut's family until her sister was subjected to an acid attack by a jilted lover. It made national news much to the discomfort of Rangoli, for she is quite a conservative girl, unlike Kangana.

Fortunately she recovered in time thanks to Kangana, who roped in the best surgeons for her treatment. Rangoli is now happily married to her long-time boyfriend Vikram, and has no inclination to even move to Mumbai, let alone act in Bollywood films.


Preeta Rao

She is the younger sister (and alleged twin) of pretty and petite Amrita Rao. Having studied History from Sophia College in Mumbai, she is also rumoured to be pursuing a higher degree in the US.

Sources close to her reveal that she is academically inclined. And although she has done some modeling assignments she has no interest whatsoever in the glitz and glamour world that her sister is part of.


Priya Balan

Vidya Balan had her highs and lows in her film career but as a TV artist (inHum Paanch) she was reasonably successful. Then why didn't her sister ever dabble in modeling?

Well, because she was apparently more interested in being behind the camera than in front of it. Ergo, Vidya's sister Priya is working in the mad world of advertising. She is working for Lowe-Lintas, where Paa director Balki is the head honcho.

Which sisters of the star would you like to see on celluloid? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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