Monday, March 29, 2010




Found In The Mirror


We go through this life thinking

we have it all  worked out

We have all of the answers to all the problems before us

We are quick to share our truths

Just ask us... we'll tell you.


We would 'Never do this or Never do that

We pass judgement on other's lifestyles

Don't they see the mistakes they are


How pompous of us'


As the years pass , we make our adjustments

We alter our paths to fit our picture

We begin to compromise

We dance between the lines


Our values in life tend to bend with

each decision

Just a little at first

You know everything can't always be so stringent

So you bend a bit



Then life throws us a real curve

We hadn't planned on this happening

We panic under the pressure and pain

We look for relief


We may look to our faith a bit

We may look to the experts

We usually look to family and friends

But do we really look within ourselves?



Whether anyone likes it or not

No one makes us do anything

Oh we may think we have no choice

Yet we always have a choice


Sometimes making no decision is

making a choice

It is often easier just to ride along

the steam of life

We don't even notice how far we have drifted off course

Often not until we find ourselves at the edge of the falls



The right choices

Usially the most difficult one to make

These take courage and character

They challenge our spirit


It is said that in the valleys

Our character is truly shown

It's not what happens to us that d

defines us

Rather who we are what we become

through it



We should be strained through adversity

We are like the Palm tree enduring a storm

Thugh our essence is taken to the breaking point

Our roots are stretched to form new



We are engineered to survive

We were designed to triumph over all

that comes before us

We were made in the image of God


We are God's favorite child'



When we find that circumstance has

changed our picture

When we think that we alone are suffering these trials

Remember who you were meant to be

Remember who's you are


Don't look first to others for your


Don't look to blame others for your choices

Check first what God wants you to learn

Look first within yourself



This is the most difficult place to look

I mean really look'

What part did we play in this situation?

What are we learning because of this?


What changes are we to be making?

Have we lost sight of the shore?

Have we forgotten our own path?

Most answers are found in the mirror'

By , Marlys


Have A  Bless Day



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