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[Desi Tarka] S M S ON LOVE


Best Love SMS - How to Say I Love You With SMS

My Love is True
                                           SMS ON LOVE
"My Love is True"                                                        When lots of pple starts to love,
u may get confused whom to love,
just tell them I hate u,
everyone will get back
but not the person who loves u truly
and thats ME.
"You are Precious"
I used to think that the world is so unfair, 
that it gave me so many reasons to hate it. 
But now, 
how can I hate such a wonderful world that gave me you..!!!!..
"Don't Wait to Say

Don't wait until it's too late to tell
someone how much you love, how much you care.
Because when they're gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, 
they won't hear you anymore. 
 "All I Wanted"                                                                                             

I Love You
All I wanted was some one to care 4 me
All I wanted was sum1 who'd b there 4 me
All I ever wanted was some one who'd b true
All I ever wanted was some one like U…
"I Love you
D smallest word is I,
the sweetest word is LOVE
and the dearest person
in the world is U. 
That, why I LOVE YOU.
 "Wana See u Smile"
To b honest wid u, I don't hav d words to make u feel better,
but I do have d arms to give u a hug, ears to listen to whatevr u want to talk about,
and I have a heart,
a heart that's aching to see u smile again…
"I asked the God
I ask God for a rose n he gave me flowers,
I ask God for water n he gave me an ocean,
I ask God for an angel n he gave me the best love ever!

"Everyone was Wrong
Everyone says you only fall in love once but that's wrong,
everytime I see your smile I fall in love all over again.  
Luv You Darling !
 "Don't Lost your Diamond"
Never take someone for granted.
Hold every person close to your heart because you mightwake up one day and realise that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.
 "You are always"
You r always on ma mind.... a girl such as u is rare to find.... 
u wil alwayz be in ma mind wat eva i do & say...., 
we wil alwayz be together, till eternity..... 
i wil alwayz love u darling.

I Love You,  Darling
 "Can't Let you go"
I may not get
to see you
as often as I like.
I may not get
to hold you
in my arms
all through the night.
But deep in my heart
I truly know,
you're the one
that I love, and
I can't let you go.
"I'm Just afraid
I'm afraid to close my eyes coz I might think of you.
I'm afraid to open them coz I might see you.
I'm afraid to move my lips coz I might speak of you.
I'm afraid to listen coz I might hear my heart fall for you
love u so much till death......
"No Compare with You"
There R many Roses,
Some R very Beautiful
Some R very Adorable,
Some R very Attractive But
they R nothing compare to One Rose..........
......That one Rose is none other than YOUUUUUUUUUU........
"The Day i Met You
I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
it's an illusion,
it's fake,
impossible to find.
But the day I met you,
I began to see,
that love is real,
and exists in me.
 "When love happens"
Love is not something that happens on first sight,
It happens when you start knowing each other,
And it turn ending up needing each other,
For every feeling,for every thought and for every moment
I Love you darling.
"When i found you
Love is like a cloud.
Love is like a dream.
Love is 1 word and everything in between.
Love is a fairytale come true.
Coz I found Love when I found you.
"Beautyfull then your dream"
Do you know why people say that
you don't feel sleepy when you are in love?
Bcoz for the 1st time you find reality
more beautiful than your dream.

 "Left everything 4 you"
My Heart, My Love
I Was a Smoker!!!
Once I Read: "Smoking Is Injurious To Health"
I QUIT Smoking.
I Used To Drink WINE
I Read: "WINE is Bad For Health"
I Left Drinking.
I LOVE Someone                                                                         
Once I Read: "Love is an illusion"
You Know What I Did?
I Left "Reading"!

"My heart was missing"
I went 2 c d cardiologist 2day.
ECG showed anomalies in my heart's mode of operation.
The doc said my heart was missing something 4 proper functioning.
I was rushed 2 d theater & surgery was about 2 commence
when i told the doc that surgery cud not solve d problem.
cause my heart was missing u!
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"Glad you are
I'm glad you are thoughtful,
I'm glad you are understanding,
I'm glad you are so much fun to be around,
But most of all…
I'm glad you are with me
Love You.
"The 1st Time" 
1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
1st time i kiss u i was scared to love u.
but now that i love u i'm scared 2 lose u!
"I Love you
Its difficult to hide now
more difficult to show
I love you more than anything else
how to let you know
may be these words are not enough
but to say in-front of you, is too tough
I love you
"When i stop thinking"
When I stop thinking about you,
Blessing my heart will cease
and freeze like ice.
you mean much to me
like heaven on earth.
I love you!
"I found Love"
Love is like a cloud… love is like a dream…
love is 1 word and everything in between…
love is a fairytale come true…
Because I found love when I found You.
"My Life is
Life is pretty much unpredictable.
I may not live long enough
but I won't miss out letting you know
that life is worth living
with someone like you around.

"I Love the way"
The way you look into my eyes, it scares me,
The way you say I Love You, it scares me,
The way you know just what to say, it scares me,
The ways you scare me I love it.
My Heart for My Love
"If love was Crime"
If knowing you is wrong,
I'll choose not to be right.
If loving you is a crime,                                                                       
I'll prefer to be called a criminal.
Just to have you to myself.
"Fell in Love with You"
Accidents do happen.
i slip- i trip- i stumble-
i fall & usually i dont
care at all.but now i dont
know what to do coz
i slipped and fell in love with u….
"I Love My Heart"
I love the air,
because it touches you.
I love the sun,
because it falls on you.
I love my heart,
because it loves you
"Need More Now"
Before you came in my life,
I just need Food, Water & Oxygen to live.
But now including these,
I also need 2 more things to be alive.
They are YOUR LOVE & CARE!!!
"Just Promise Me"
I will walk with you
in every step of life
but just promise me
you'll hide your wings
every time we walk together,
coz I don't want the world to know
that my love is an Angel.
"If Love Was"
If a kiss was a raindrop I'd send you showers,
If a hug was a second I'd send you hours,
If happiness was sand I'd send you the sea,
If love was a person I'd send you me
"When you are with me"
If I get your smile, I don't need flowers.
If I get your voice, I don't need music.
If you speak to me, I don't listen any body else,
If you are with me, I don't need the world.
Love You..!!!!
"It Hurts me Lot"
There are times when i cant decide whether to see you or not, 
I want to see you because I miss you but
there are times when I dont want to see you because everytime I do, 

the fact that you dont see me the way
that I see you hurts me even more.!
"One Wish"
If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.
"Love is Blind"
No matter how much u had done for me, 
i always nevers see it & im terribly sorry now, 
but can u understand
that its all because love is blind, 

and im blinded by you.
"I Will Try"
I will Try to win, even if am Losing.
I will Try to have Hope, even if there is None.
I will Try always to Smile, even if I m Crying.
I will Try to Sing, even if my Voice is dying.Copyright
I will Try to be Positive , even if I m surrounded in Negatives.
I will Try to reach for the Heaven, even if I m in Hell.
I will Try to Love , even if I have a Broken Heart. 
Love you always Darling.
"You are my love"

A Rose For My Love
when u r sad.........i will try ur tears
when u r scared.........i will confort ur fears
when u r worried........i will give u hope                                                               
when u r confused.......i will give u cope
and when u r lost.......and cant see the light
i shall be ur beacon.....shining ever so bright
this is my oath........i pledge tillthe end

why u may ask?........because u r my Love.
"I Still Love You"
I Admit I Was Never D Perfect One...
I Was Never Always There... ..
I Didnt Make You Smile At Times
But There Is One Thing I Admit I Did..
 I Was The Best Person
I Could Be For You....

N I Still Dont Have You...
I Never Got U....
I Never Had U....

But.... I Still Love U:((( 
"A Lovable Story"

A Flight Was Flying Through The Clouds.
Suddenly, It Lost The Balance.

...Everyone Started Shouting In Fear.
But A Small Girl Kept Playing With Her Toy....

After An Hour,The Flight Was Landed Safely.
A Man Asked The Small Girl,

"How Could You Play With Your Toy When Everyone Was Afraid?
"The Small Girl Smiled And Said

, "My Dad Is The Pilot. I Knew He Will Land Me Safely!

"A cute Story"

A 5 Year Old
Girl Asked....

The Boy Who Sits Next To Her

He Replied ....

..." Love Is When You Steal Chocolates Everyday From My

Bag "N' Yet I Still Keep Them In The
Same Place
"Am Only Reserve"
I'm not
I'm not
T A K E N .
I'm simply on
For the O N E
That has my
H E A R T 
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"Your Angel"
A boy loves a girl                                                          
But the girl didn't
One day the boy got
sick & was about to
The the girl asks:
"Why r you leaving
Me ... ?"
The boy answered:
"So I can be your angel
& love you forever ..." 

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