Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[Desi Tarka] I Have Made You Special





I  Have  Made  You  Special



God  Says

My  Beloved, I have created  you and made you special.


You  are made for such a time as this

I want  to  use your beauty for my glory.

Just  like I  used Queen Esther's beauty

I  can  use  you, Come to me and let me guild your day,  Use  your beauty to glorify me.


You  are special and I  created you to be

special, Do not compare  yourself  with others

because if  you  try to measure up to others you won't  be  you , I  Love you the way that you are and I created  you the way that I wanted  you to be so love  who you are.


I  want  you  to  know  me  more and to have

a deeper  walk  with me so I  asked  that you

give  me  your whole heart  and  I will

make your life beaitiful.


Seek  me  before  you start  your day and,

you  will  find  my wisdom  though out the day.


Love,  Your Creator


Pl  Read  Psalm 139





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