Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 10 most CONTROVERSIAL lingerie ads in recent times

They're getting hotter and hotter, bolder and bolder.
But of course, there are consequences.
As lingerie giants fight it out to dominate the international market, a lot of them are treading on morally sensitive toes.
Here, we bring you some of the marketing concepts that have created quite a stir in recent times.
We start off with these stills from New York-based The Lake And Stars lingerie, which debuted last week and have been making headlines ever since. The campaign stars a real-life mother and daughter duo in innerwear and has raised a lot of eyebrows, particularly since they pose so intimately for the camera and the daughter, at 19, is still a teenager.
Maayan Zilberman, who runs The Lake And Stars label along with Nikki Dekker, was quoted in an interview with the Huffington Post as saying that the idea behind the theme was to fuel discussions as to how younger generations of women relate to older ones.
Zilberman explained, "There's no shock value here. We're not trying to make people feel uncomfortable in order to provoke dialogue."
Unfortunately, not many people agree with that, but if they set out to gain publicity, the ads have certainly achieved it.

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