Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Strip Club-Inspired "Alibi" Men's Fragrance Tops My Christmas List

How frickin' sweet is that? In a world filled with shitty celebrity fragrances, creative people at South African strip club Mavericks in Cape Town recently launched their own range of men's fragrances called Alibis. The goal is very simple: Give men an excuse that smells genuine when they arrive home late.

Alibis, which currently features only three different excuse-scents for guys who want to claim they were working late, their car broke down or that they went sailing. The company didn't just stop with the names, but they made sure 'My Car Broke Down' smells like fuel, burnt rubber, grease, oil and steel. The scent 'We Were Out Sailing' smells like fresh oceanspray, sunscreen, aqua and cotton rope and finally, 'I Was Working Late' smells of cigarettes, coffee, ink and wool suits. The fragrances have been designed and developed by South African creative bastard Porky Hefer and is currently being sold only at the strip club, but we're sure Sephora & Macy's are getting a holiday real soon!

Can any of you bastards think of other excuse-scents these people should consider? Please include the specific smells associated with the excuse-scents!

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