Sunday, April 25, 2010

!-! !-! teri tasveer pe dil nisar kar bethe..........


as sala mu ale kum
teri tasveer pe  dil nisar kar bethe


teri tasveer pe  dil nisar kar bethe
zindgi ka waajud tujhpe nisar kar bethe
shama ki tarhan dil ka charag jalta he
hay ye kesa piyar- or- kisse  kar  bethe
teri  dekhi thi ham ne ek jhalak
or us paal se dil nisaar  kar bethe
teri aankhon me dil ye duba he
haye sagar se piyar kar bethe
aasmaa tu he or zaameen mei hun
haye fir kese ye milan hoga  
qun ham aasmaa se  piyarr kar bethe
aaftab he tu mahtaab me hun sanam
sabnamee fool ke jesa he dil mera sajan
haaye tujh se piyaar kar bhethe
tapte suraj se piyaar kar bethe
shab ki shama he tu. me hun parwaana
hay shama pe jaa  nisaar kar bethe
hay qun  tujhse piyaar kar bethe
ek qaatra the ham- sagar se piyaar kar bethe
apna khyal rakhna
written by hameeda ameer
allah haafiz

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